October 2016 Well-Being Tip

The fo llowing guidelines from the American Cancer Society were developed for the average American woman
regarding breast health. These guidelines may be modified by your doctor to meet your particular needs. Over 90%
of breast cancers can be detected when all three methods outlined below are used together in a planned program.
Breast Self-Exam (BSE): Know how your breasts normally feel. A monthly routine of breast
self-exam is a very important health habit to acquire. Most breast lumps discovered are by the woman herself. If
you find an abnormality, contact your primary care provider.
Clinical Breast Exam: Recommended every three years for women in their 20’s and 30’s and annually for women
age 40 and older.
Mammography: Should be performed annually beginning at age 40. Mammograms may be recommended at an
earlier age if there is a strong family history of breast cancer or other risk factors.october-2016-well-being-tip

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