Oh, My Achin’ Back!

Oh, My Achin’ Back!

If you’ve experienced back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. It interferes with every aspect of life and can make simple things like tying your shoes a chore to be dreaded. Back pain is one of the top complaints that patients have when seeing their physician.

Often, back pain goes away on its own, but sometimes you may need to see your primary care physician for help. Sometimes physical therapy, exercises or medication is prescribed but it is also possible that you may find a more serious problem at the root of your back pain.

If you have numbness, difficulty urinating, weakness in your legs, debilitating pain, fever or unintentional weight loss, you need to see your physician right away.

If exercise is encouraged by your doctor and is not painful to do, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Stretches – hamstring stretch, sideways bend, sit and turn torso around on each side.
  • Aerobics – good exercises for gaining strength. Start small and work up.
  • Strength – exercises that focus on your back, legs and torso to support weakened or injured areas.
  • Rest and nutrition – since stress and poor nutrition contribute to some back conditions, it can be most easily countered with proper rest and healthy food.

Stress, injury, weakened trigger points, weakened muscles, musculoskeletal conditions, poor nutrition or even disease or tumors could all be reasons you may be experiencing back pain. Whatever the cause, back pain is a serious malady. Preventative, strength-building exercises and good posture practices may help keep your back healthy and strong. But don’t delay in seeing your physician if your back condition continues.

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