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About Us

Welcome to Carver Insurance. Located In Rapid City, South Dakota, Carver Insurance, Inc. has been dedicated to offering Individual Health Insurance and Employer Group Health insurance plans since 1994. From Health insurance to dental insurance and more, we take pride in providing premier healthcare products and superior service to our customers. When navigating your way through healthcare options, it is important to work with someone you trust, and who understands your health insurance needs. That is why we continually strive to build genuine and lasting relationships with all of our clients.

John Carver

John Carver

John Carver is a veteran in the health insurance industry. As owner and President John has years of experience in guiding you in your health insurance needs. John’s experience as well as his devotion to customer service and support, have contributed to his penchant for actively helping clients. John graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1981.

Please call or email John for Group Quotes.

Barb Carver

Barb Carver graduated from South Dakota State University in 1984, with a degree in nursing. She joined Carver Insurance in 1998. As a licensed agent she is a major support for all of our group and individual clients. She also works with our Medicare Clientele in assisting them in their choices on what bests suits their needs.

Lisa Knudsen

Lisa Knudsen

Lisa Knudsen has been at Carver Insurance since 2004 specializing in employer group benefits. Lisa came to Carver Insurance with 17 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Lisa is dedicated to helping and serving her employer clients to assist meeting their business needs. Knowing that each business and their employees are unique, Lisa strives to ensure that the employer obtains the best products to suit their needs. Lisa enjoys and values working with people to make sure they understand their benefits and gives exceptional service when questions arise.

Please call or email Lisa for Group Quotes.

Vicki Simpson

Vicki Simpson

Vicki Simpson has been in the insurance industry for over ten years. She joined Carver Insurance in 2006, coming with experience in property/casualty insurance. Vicki is exceptional in guiding individuals and families on their health insurance options and what best fits their needs. Vicki is also truly exceptional at assisting Medicare clients with their choices of many plans available. She is truly an expert and always avails herself to any questions and support clients may need.

Please call Vicki for Individual Quotes

DeVee Zuniga

DeVee Zuniga is our newest team member. With an extensive history in customer service and an ongoing education in Business Management, she brings outstanding value as our Office Manager